Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CA Office Management

CA Office Management

We have developed an IT solution for Chartered Accountant for their day to day activity along with service provided by them to their esteem clients will be manage in this system. As we well known that Management system is usually referring to Operations, that's why we Create a centralized system that manage, analyzed, take care of our transaction and provides output in the format of report that are very easy to understand to a common person with little knowledge.

We developed an application (Software) to manage all activities of chartered accountant, pronounced as 'Accountant Management System. This application is capable to track each and every transaction like INCOME TAX, SERVICE TAX, VAT, PF, and ESIC that needed to store and manage Different application software. Like TAX Pro, STEASY, ROC so managing a lots of documentation for maintaining this all application which combine all service in single application to maintain their service along with cost and billing.


1. Master
2. Transaction
3. Administration
4. Report
5. Task Management

Clients List

kuralkar & Company Nagpur (M.H.)
Kunda Services Nagpur (M.H.)
Kunda consultant Pvt. Ltd. (M.H.)
Mashi Maheswari & Co. (Bihar)
Bharath Rao (Bangalore)
J. K. Rathod & Associates, Mumbai (M.S.)
C. M. Doshi, Pandharpur (M.S.)
Prabha Computer Pandharpur (M.S.)

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