Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crusher Plant Management

This application is mainly for Crusher Management System, for managing their day to day activity along with weighing bridge details. Application collects the information about transportation transaction of material supplied to the customer and supplier respective. Application is also managing their day to day material stock detail in the production and handles the purchase & sale information in to store. Some other utility are provided in to this application and at the last all type of reports are present in report.

Master Module:
  • Mines
  • Material
  • Customers
  • Transporter
  • Locations
  • Loaders
  • Shifts
  • Vehicle Master
  • Comm. Port Setting
  • Tax Master
  • Royalty Books
  • Royalty Close

  • Material Rate
  • Modification Transaction – Sale, Purchase 
  • Sale/ Logistic Invoice
  • Account Details
  • Data Correction utility

The above diagram shows that all entry in master form is one time entry, means we get all master form entry in all other transaction form. The real benefit of this master form comes in picture when client place hundreds of purchase order with same product name, imagine how typical it is…..
In our scenario we provide a facility due to which once client make product entry in master form then in all other transactions he will able to choose product name or location name from combo box.

This above form is much more useful for the admin site; he is checking the transaction and approved that. At before no one can make any transaction over the same transaction.
Admin person (Head office) is approved transaction only seen this form. This form is use to verify the approved transaction as per party wise also seen the complete detail, their total transaction and Amount.

This form is help to see the Debit/Credit balance about the party. On the same form make the voucher Entry against the party. When click on the Voucher Entry Button then open
payment voucher at bellow the same form.

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